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Consisting of 143 Entertainment‘s Gaeun, MiU, and Suhye, LIMELIGHT debuted on February 14, 2023, with “Honestly” from their ep EP LOVE & HAPPINESS, set to…

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BXB Debuts

Consisting of Wolfburn‘s Hamin, Hyunwoo, Jihun, June, and Siwoo, BXB (Boy By Brush) debuted on January 30, 2023, with “Fly Away” from their single album…

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8TURN Debuts

Consisting of MNH Entertainment‘s Haemin, Jaeyun, Kyungmin, Minho, Myungho, Seungheon, Yoonsung, and Yungyu, 8TURN debuted on January 30, 2023, with “TIC TAC” from their mini…

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THE7 Debuts

Consisting of Ganada Entertainment‘s Opp, Pa, Peanut, Woochul, Yongkwon, Yoyo, and Yunmin, THE7 debuted on January 29, 2023, with “Get Loose” from their mini album…

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MAVE: Debuts

Consisting of Metaverse Entertainment‘s Marty:, Siu:, Tyra:, and Zena:, MAVE: debuted on January 25, 2023, with “PANDORA” from their single album PANDORA’S BOX.

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TAN Debuts

Consisting of Think Entertainment‘s Changsun, Hyunyeop, Jaejun, Jiseong, Jooan, Sunghyuk, and Taehoon, TAN (To All Nations) debuted on March 10, 2022, with “DU DU DU”…

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