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ZETH Debuts

Under KJ Music Entertainment , ZETH (of TARGET) debuted on December 03, 2021, with the audio track “REMEMBER” from his single album REMEMBER.

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IVE Debuts

Consisting of Starship Entertainment‘s Gaeul, Leeseo, Liz, Rei, Wonyoung, and Yujin, IVE debuted on December 01, 2021, with “Eleven” from their single album Eleven.

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Chawon Debuts

Under  Illusion Entertainment Chawon (of AWEEK) debuted on November 15, 2021, with “Today of all days” from his single album Alone.

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Consisting of Dream Passport‘s Guno, Hikaru, Koshin, Mahiro, Minato, and Raira, BUGVEL debuted on October 27, 2021, with “WARNING” from their single album WARNING.

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bugAboo Debuts

Consisting of  A Team Entertainment’s Cyan, Choyeon, Eunchae, Rainie, and Zin, bugAboo debuted on October 25, 2021, with “bugAboo” from their single album bugAboo.

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Consisting of TO THE CLOUDS Entertainment’s Eura, Michaela, Sazura, and Yasha, BLITZEN debuted on October 21, 2021, with “What’s That About” from their single album…

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Kim Gihyeon Debuts

Under Purplepine Entertainment, Kim Gihyeon debuted on October 13, 2021, with “Our past days” from his single album Our past days.

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Raiden Debuts

Under Protocol Recording and SM Entertainment, Raiden debuted on October 11, 2021, with “Love Right Back (featuring Taeil of NCT and LILBOI)” from his mini-album…

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Jo Yuri Debuts

Consisting of WAKEONE’s Jo Yuri (formerly of IZ*ONE), Jo Yuri debuted on October 07, 2021, with “GLASSY” from her single album GLASSY.

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BJOO Debuts

Consisting of WEHAVEATAIL’s BJOO (formerly of Xeno-T), BJOO debuted on September 30, 2021, with “BACKPACKER” from his mini-album BACKPACKER – EP.

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