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Kpop in the U.S. has a new category! If you can’t tell from the header, Kpop is now an official category. Look forward to Kpop…

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April 2020

Comebacks Releases Debuts

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TST Returns!

TST, formerly known as TopSecret, is back with their new single “Count down”. The video, which is host to the boy’s stunning visuals, as well…

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B.O.Y Debuts! …ish

Kim Kook Heon and Song Yu Vin are back, as the new duo B.O.Y. Although their official debut is set for January 07, 2020, the…

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ENOi: Avin MV Teaser

Teaser Photo(s) Individual Trailer

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MCND Debuts!

MCND (Music Create New Dreams) has officially debuted with their single “Top Gang”, which dropped at 6:00 PM KST (4:00 AM EST / 2:00 AM…

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B.I (Hanbin) is Back!

iKONICs everywhere are rejoicing, as our eternal leader has returned. While many are still praying for his actual return, to iKON, everyone is happy to…

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Samuel – Dance Rewind 2019

Samuel Kim is back, rocking out to the latest and greatest of 2019! Covering the amazing title tracks of some of our favorite artists, he…

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TST – Count down Teaser #2

TST drops their second teaser for their upcoming title track “Count down”, from their new album, also titled “COUNTDOWN”.

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B.O.Y – My Angel Teaser #2

B.O.Y drops their second teaser for “My Angel”, on their upcoming album Phase One: You.

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