Day6 “Youth” in Upper Darby

Our excitement permeated the air as we arrived at Tower Theater in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dominique (Kpop Kitsu) and I climbed the stairs in the lobby, after attacking the merch line with other hungry (mayhaps thirsty) MyDay, and then walked excitedly down the stairs inside the theater.

Our eyes quickly took in the buzzword for the evening, Youth, and we felt ten years younger, being at our first Kpop concert.

Sporting my new Day6 hoodie and (previously ordered) light band, we snapped a few pictures before eagerly finding our seats. Our excitement continued to build as fans filtered through the doors, filling the 3,119 seat venue.

The concert started, like any concert would, but something was different. The energy was beyond compare, both from Day6 and from our fellow MyDay.

The setlist was exactly what you’d expect from Day6… perfection. From the soulful classics “I Wait” and “You Were Beautiful” to the hard-rocking favorites “DANCE DANCE”, “WARNING!”, and “Shoot Me”, every song commanded the theater’s attention.

From start to finish, the concert was truly amazing. This was particularly the case when my bias, Jae, appeared feet from me. It was the second half of the concert and I knew, somehow, when he disappeared from the stage, that Jae was headed to the second floor. When he walked out of the doors directly under my seat, my belated birthday present because the best gift ever.

I thought nothing could ever compare but I quickly learned, the very next night, that Kpop concerts was my new way of life.

Check out the full concert below!

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