Meet the Team: Magnolia

20 Questions with Magnolia

Top Tens

  1. Kpop Boy Groups
    1. BTS
    2. SHINee
    3. Ateez
    4. Stray Kids
    5. NCT
    6. Oneus
    7. A.C.E
    8. The Boyz
    9. EXO
    10. Vanner
  2. Kpop Girl Groups
    1. Mamamoo
    2. Everglow
    3. Dreamcatcher
    4. (G)-Idle
    5. Exid
    6. Loona
    7. Red Velvet
    8. BlackPink
    9. aespa
    10. Pixie
  3. Kpop Soloists
    1. Agust D
    2. J-Hope
    3. RM
    4. Taemin
    5. Baekhyun
    6. Kai
    7. Kang Daniel
    8. Wonho
    9. ChungHa
    10. Jackson Wang
  4. Kpop Biases
    1. J-Hope/Suga
    2. Jungkook/V/RM/Jin/Jimin
    3. Key/Taemin
    4. HongJoong
    5. Jaehyun
    6. Han
    7. Baekhyun
    8. Sunwoo
    9. Jackson Wang
    10. Seoho
  5. Songs
    1. Mikrokosmos-BTS
    2. Sherlock-SHINee
    3. Form-Vanner
    4. Mirotic-TVXQ!
    5. Mama-EXO
    6. DaechwitaAgust D
    7. Wonderland-Ateez
    8. Criminal-Corbyn
    9. Rhythm Ta-iKon
    10. LitLAY

Getting To Know You

  1. What keeps you motivated to succeed in your everyday life? My daughter, my family and my friends.
  2. Do you watch Kdramas? Is there anything else to watch?
    • If so, what three do you recommend fans to watch? Must, must must is Descendants of the Sun! Also Squid Games and Dear My Friends(Namjoon also recommended this one, just sayin’…. it is sooo good)
  3. Who would play you in a movie about your life? Hmmm, maybe Melissa McCarthy
  4. What is one random fact that no one knows about you? I don’t have any secrets. I’m an open book. Just ask me anything.
  5. What is your favorite season of the year? Summer nights are my favorite. Especially after it rains.

If You Could…

  1. …be on any Kpop group’s/artists’s album, who would it be? BTS
  2. …go anywhere in the world right now, where would you want to go? South Korea
  3. …eat only one dish everyday for the next year, what dish would you eat? Galbi
  4. …be friends with anyone, Kpop artist or not, who would it be? Hitman Bang, I could learn so much from him.
  5. …only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would that be? Mikrokosmos

This Or That?

  1. Video Games
    • Video Games: PC (computer) or Console? I don’t really play video games, but if I did it would be console.
    • PlayStation or Xbox? Playstation
  2. Drink
    • Pepsi or Coke? Diet Coke
    • Coffee or Tea? Iced coffee all day long.
  3. Communication: Phone Call or Text? Text, calls are not answered.
  4. Animal: Cat or Dog? Cat, I love my Nabi girl.
  5. Vacation: Cruise or Resort? Resort, I want to go sightseeing.

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